Pika Blu of all Continents

This is the European website for Selkirk Rex breeders and lovers. Our goal is to unite the breeders in absence of a proper Selkirk Rex club in a number of countries and provide information about the breed, kittens for sale, exchange kittens, stud-services and a good maintained list of active breeders throughout Europe and even worldwide.

We aim to collect all kinds of information about the breed: The types, show specials, the judges on show, all the colors and the history of the breed.

Breeders are invited to introduce their cattery at no charge and ‘show off’ their curled furries of course.

This way we hope to expand the breed by helping where needed and the ultimate goal will and should be to gain more breeders for this very kind and wooly breed. With priority number one ; healthy babies. So join us, we need you….and, most important…it is for free.